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Need a Mailing List? If you need assistance in planning your next mailing, RMS can help you in purchasing mailing lists based on your supplied demographic criteria and budget.Mailing lists can be supplied as Excel Documents, Filemaker Pro documentsor as delimited files (usually comma or tab delimited). The list should be named with your company name and a reference to the appropriate job it is to be used for. If sending the list in Excel, all of the information should be on one worksheet. Any unused worksheets should bedeleted to avoid confusion. Lists should only contain the information needed for the mailing. Unused fields orcolumns should be deleted. Lists can be mailed to rms@TheRamCompanies.com. All Postage quotes are estimates only until an actual mailing list is suppliedand processed.

Supplying Mailing Lists

All postage quotes are estimates only until an actual mailing list is supplied to RMS. Once your list is received, RMS will process it to obtain the largest possible postage discount and send you an actual postage amount.Postage for all mailings needs to be pre-paid. Postage does not get paid to RMS. Checks for postage should be made out to the Postmaster East Hampstead (unless the mail will be dropped in a post office other than East Hampstead). RMS will deliver the check to the Post Office at the time your mail is dropped for mailing.

RAM Mailing

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